Dreamwork and Art Playshop

Explore the contexts of the unconscious and imagination by delving into a dream! Bring a dream with you—it could be of a nighttime dream, a daydream, a fantasy, or a goal toward which you are moving. We’ll use visual art, writing, and movement to gain perspective on how you and this dream interrelate. Focusing on creativity and feeling perceptions, this is an introduction (or deeper dive) into self-awareness, self-cultivation, and shadow/light work. Enhance communication skills, both intrapersonally and interpersonally.
No previous dreamwork or artistic experience necessary!



Day: Sunday, April 21st
Time: 3:00-4:30pm
Investment: $25/30 at door
Facilitator: Elizabeth Jacobowitz, MA
Location: The Metta Space, 3060 Adams Avenue, 92116
To sign up: Register Here