Taste of Expressive Arts 


Have you been curious about the expressive arts, but not sure about trying them? Are you an expressive arts fan, wondering about more ways to bridge the art-life connection? Are you simply looking for a way to re-connect to your creativity? Check out these taster sessions of expressive arts! We will use visual art, movement, and writing--with a bit of drama and music on the side. Each session will have a different topic of focus and will be tailored to who arrives. Sessions are open to anyone from the novice to the master artist!

When: Mondays* 
Dates: April 1-June 29
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Embodiment Arts Studio, Hillcrest
RSVP: Class sizes will be small, to ensure your spot, pre-register

Round the World Flight 
10 classes prepaid - $200   

Adventure Bound Flight 
5 classes prepaid - $110 

Welcome Aboard Drink 
Single Class Prepaid -$25

Impromptu Cocktail
Drop-In - $30

*week of June 10, class will be Wednesday, June 12 

April 1
  Artful Meditation

Use art-making as a meditation to tame your mind and reduce your stress! In this class, you will be led through a guided visualization and oil pastel drawing. Using creative processes, discover how to let go and be present in the moment--a true gift! 

April 8
  Creative Confidence

Think that you aren’t an artist, that you aren’t creative? Or do you know you are, but need a boost to get your imagination going?  We will engage our senses, open our hearts and ease our way into art-making. We are all innately aesthetic; build your creative muscles!

April 15
  no class--Tax Day

April 22
  Rising from the Ashes

How do we move forward, pick ourselves up, recreate ourselves after a life-changing event? Like the beautiful phoenix that rises from the ashes, we too can emerge from rubble and breathe new life into our souls. Be it the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a pet, or hitting rock bottom together we can find hope and beauty as we emerge a new person.

April 29
  Build from Your Strengths 

Rather than always trying to change who we are, why not build on what we already have?  In this class, we discover and name our top strengths, remember how we have used them in the past, and explore how we can make the most of these skills to move us into our best future.

May 6
  Upward Spiral

In this class, we will examine eight habits proven by neuroscience to help us move toward a happier and more satisfied life. We will use the expressive arts to clarify our relationship these habits and explore how they can help us flourish upward in life!

May 13
  Body Wisdom

Did you know that cognitive science says that we can only articulate a small percentage of what we know? That’s because we KNOW things by thinking through our toes, feeling with our hips, questioning through our hands, and moving from our hearts. Our body gives us messages; learn how to tune in by using the arts! 

May 20
  Igniting the Flame

Have you lost inspiration? Perhaps you were once very passionate about something, but now are wondering where your motivation is. Whether you are feeling lack-luster in work, love, or life, we will explore the theme of tending the fire: exploring what inspires us, drives and sparks us into meaningful action.

May 27
  Memorial Day--no class

June 3
  Tending the Fire

A fire doesn’t just burn on its own forever. It needs fuel, oxygen and the right conditions. Our fire usually starts strong, but what do you need to keep your fire burning. In this class, we use the arts to remember, discover and clarify what you need to replenish yourself and to nourish your soul.

June 12
  In Gratitude

Studies have shown that people who express and acknowledge their gratitude are happier than those who don't. We will explore and reflect on themes of gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgment through art-making.

June 17
  no class

June 24
  Creative Connection 

Making time for creativity and connection can be a challenge. But with what does that leave us? What kind of life is one that is only task-driven? NOW is the time to take time for you! Connect to your own creativity and connect with other creatives!