The Art of Life ~ Women's Expressive Arts Group

Explore your dreams, goals, what it is you desire in life.
Expand your creativity, resources, and inspiration.
Recognize what is working in your life.
Change what is not. 

The arts not only have a powerful way of letting us de-stress by engaging in the creative process, they also allow us to examine where we are currently, where we are heading and how we want to get there. In this gathering for women, we will paint, dance, sing, make music, get our creative juices flowing, and use the expressive arts process to reflect in a safe environment. Build community as you reconnect with yourself and soulful living. All artistic levels welcome!


Introduction to Art of Life  

When: Tuesday, September 5th or 12th
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Embodiment Arts, Hillcrest
Investment: $25/group, includes all materials. ($12.50/hr)
Sign Up: **pre-registration required at least 48-hours in advance. To register, click here!


On-going Group   

When: Tuesday, Sept 20- Nov 28th (no class 10/3)
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Embodiment Arts, Hillcrest
Investment: $275 for 10-session series, all materials included ($13.75/hour)
Sign Up: **pre-registration required one-week in advance for series. To register, click here!


A Student's Perspective:

I'd recommend this class to every artist, and I consider everyone to be an artist. What was at first for me, a tepid toe into trying out this group, has now has become a mental maintenance that I rely on. I've learned what Elizabeth knows so well, art-making is intrinsically therapeutic.

Through the class activities, there's a weaving together of all my fragmented parts, and the most important issues naturally come to the fore. Doing expressive art, especially in this playful, supportive class, slips around my normal way of figuring things out and of seeing myself in the world. Tiring circular patterns of thinking and being transform - and all I did was splash some blue paint. And the energy and integration I gain each week in class, carries into my 'outside' world. I feel more elastic. Perhaps it's because now all my experiences are fodder for the crayon.

The experiences of art making, the art itself, and the sharing, reflect a truer self I can count on. I see where my childlike delight and freedom meets my blocked inner adult - that 'me' who fears false steps and believes things should be qualified, justified, and 'right'. The simplicity, and even silliness, of what we do allows my 'child' to have its say, and to share it's wisdom with my 'adult' self. It reconnects me to being alive and present for what is actually meaningful and rich in my life. And it surprises me.

This very supportive group creates an environment to explore without ever getting caught in the trap of making 'good' art. It's easy, light and fun. Elizabeth makes facilitating the group seem effortless, but that in itself is an art. She let's the art-making have it's space, to do its thing, without feeling the need to make anything happen. The structure is great. And I notice our 'art' in the world, whatever form that takes, seems to evolve and get better.
~ Bonnie

Artwork Credits
Joy Artist Palette
Graphic Photograph
Patricia Dekker John Nyberg