Freedom of Movement is Freedom of Thought


We are mind, body, and soul.  These aspects of ourselves are not separate; they are interconnected and fluidly influence our whole being.  It is important to tend to the health of all aspects of our being.  In American society, there has been a clear split between the mind and the body, and soul is rarely mentioned.  Many of us lead lives with minimal movement, sitting behind a desk eight or more hours a day.  When we do focus on our physical bodies, we usually try to mold our appearances or "fix" what's not working.   We often treat our body like a machine—something to be fixed or manipulated.  We forget that we are dynamic physical, emotional, intellectual, and soulful beings; instead, we live as if each part is separate from the other.  Habitual patterns, stiff joints, sore and tight bodies not only restrict movement, but can also restrict emotions, thought, and mental clarity.


 Tending to all facets of being is essential to well-being.  Expressive Arts and receiving regular bodywork can have a positive influence on the mind, body, and spirit. Both help us to move out of the "stuck" place--be it physical, emotional, or mental.  Expressive Arts Therapy and Workshops allow for multi-sensory openings to new perspectives, recognizing strengths, and building resources.  Bodywork increases mind-body awareness, improving physical functioning, and reducing stress.   Both increase flexibility, as well as experiences of joy and beauty.  Experiencing freedom and openings through our senses allows freedom to move through all aspects of our lives.

Artwork: Paint Play by Elizabeth Jacobowitz. Temperaments 2 by Behin Behrozi. Yarn Play '08 Play Group. Untitled 3 by Stephanie F. Cycles of Life by Allison Hjelle. Guidance by Cadence. Torn by Elizabeth Jacobowitz.