Bodywork Testimonials

I want to give any future clients of Elizabeth an idea of what to expect. Elizabeth is without a doubt the best massage therapist I have ever had. I have been getting massages for a long time and nobody compares to Elizabeth. She stays current with all the new techniques and really takes her career seriously. Even though I like the same massage each time, she changes it up enough to keep it interesting. She has the right combination of touch and strength to accommodate anyone's preferences. I often fall asleep for a few seconds here and there because it is so relaxing. I always feel better and very relaxed after a session. One generally cannot find this level of skill in most spas. I highly recommend Elizabeth if you are looking for a massage therapist you can go back to time and time again. I look forward to each massage and can't wait for the next one.
~ Kevin Sheedy

Elizabeth embodies perfect form and creativity in her sessions. Every session is unique, authentic, playful, and sensitive. She has a beautiful way of interweaving multiple modalities seamlessly, and customizing a session for the individual needs of the day. Elizabeth strives for perfection in truly expressing every modality and technique in its pure form. All of her studying, teaching, giving and receiving as culminated to manifest a very remarkable therapist.  Thank you, Elizabeth, for all that you do.
~ Melissa Jones

I love my sessions with Elizabeth! She is a warm, inviting person. She carries such a wonderful presence in her touch that I always feel safe and supported during her massages. Her knowledge of bodywork is very informative and I always leave feeling as though my tension has just melted away!
~ Aimee Freeman

I always look forward to my monthly session with Elizabeth even now after several years...I know that I can rely on her to be sensitive to my current needs and requests and to always put her skilled gentle heart and hands into my session. Elizabeth has a large "handbag" full of techniques which reflect her extensive training and experience.   She draws upon these techniques to treat various conditions  ...tailoring my massage and varying it as well.

Elizabeth has a real gentle touch, yet is capable of applying all the deep tissue pressure I could ask for. She's really great at “passive motion”.  Lately, I've been enjoying her circulatory massage for a great tension reliever. Sometimes, she just mixes it all up for me and I get the best of her different talents in one massage.

Elizabeth’s massages have become a "staple" for me. And I gladly recommend her to others.  She will make you feel comfortable and be attentive and responsive to your requests. And simply give you a great massage!
~ Karla Larsen, RN

Elizabeth's intuitive sensitivity paired with strength and skill makes this experience a special treat for body and soul. As both body and soul belong together, both are nurtured and replenished by her bodywork. This feeling of newness and care lasts for days.
~ KK

I have used many massage therapists, but I could tell from her first touch that Elizabeth was superior to all the others.  Before her, I always liked a vigorous physical massage.  In my first session with her, Elizabeth listened to what kind of massage I wanted, then "listened" very carefully to my body with her first very gentle touch with one finger.  I immediately thought, "This isn't the type of massage I like; this isn't going to work out."  But she knew what my mind and body really need, and responded to it perfectly.  I was pleasantly surprised that her massage was more effective than the other massages I had had in the past.

Elizabeth mixes "gentle," vigorous, and sensory re-patterning techniques in her massage in response to my body's needs.  My husband and I are impressed that Elizabeth is devoted to continually learning new therapy techniques and methods to better serve her clients.  My husband and I are very active in sports and recreational activities, often suffering aches and sports injuries.  We also have high stress jobs.  Elizabeth will listen and effectively address any physical, mental, and emotional issue we may be having.   As needed, she'll coach our breathing and mental imagining to enhance the effects of the massage.  Or she'll just let us be to enjoy what I call her "lobotomy massage."  Whether it be aching muscles, aching head, or aching heart, Elizabeth always makes us better.
~ PR

When I have a massage with Elizabeth I know I will have her undivided attention and leave with the results I want which always include feeling better!   After a massage I notice I am centered and focused. I feel energized and feel like I have a handle on life-that is I feel as if by taking care of myself I can meet the demands of my busy life.

Elizabeth listens carefully to how I am feeling and customizes each massage session. That is important to me. She meets my expectations in a massage session. Unlike some therapists I have tried, Elizabeth doesn't have an agenda.  This means she is prepared to adjust her work to a soothing circulatory massage or a complete bone cleaning shoulder girdle session! I appreciate her level of professionalism and competency. Elizabeth is great!
~ SM

Elizabeth's sessions are outstanding.  Unlike many other massage therapists we have experienced, Elizabeth always customizes her sessions for me.  She uses a variety of approaches depending upon my needs--I love this.  After working on those special areas, I always feel better for days.  I find her touch extremely healing.  I enjoy my weekly sessions with her.
~ Carolyn Downey

Elizabeth is so talented.  She has a masterful touch and I always feel better when she uses her expert skills on my body.  As a 94 year old, her touch is very important to me especially for circulation.  After a session with Elizabeth my anxieties are gone and I am energized.
~ Ruth Mellert

As a colleague of Elizabeth's and a regular recipient of her bodywork, I have had first-hand exposure to her work both as an educator and a practitioner.  She brings a high level of integrity to her craft, skillfully combining anatomic specificity along with a graceful approach to session design.  It is very fitting that her practice is named 'Embodiment Arts', since the flow of her movements and manual techniques have an almost calligraphic quality which is unique among other practitioners.  I highly recommend her as a therapist who provides a great blend of professionalism, artistry, and compassion into each session.
~ Clark Korb, Holistic Health Practitioner

Elizabeth is amazing as a massage therapist. She always greets me with a warm smile and takes the time to ask me how I am feeling, physically and emotionally. I am always set as ease before a massage because Elizabeth shares her intention to work specific areas of my body based on our conversation. Her touch is very thorough, soft at times, but forceful when necessary. She is capable of working a variety of modalities to get to the problem areas. She has, on more than one occasion, provided relief when my health was discouraging. She is conscious of my comfort, she recognizes my physical ailments and most of all, she acknowledges energy I carry into the room. Regardless of where I am when she begins, I always feel relaxed and calm after a session.
~ Anonymous