Bodywork Modalities

Blended Sessions
Most sessions blend a variety of the modalities listed below.  While all sessions are designed specifically for the needs of an individual, a blended session uses two or more modalities to address a specific area of concern, to address a specific area and give a sense of full body, or to simply add variety to a session.  Sessions may also be blended with Expressive Arts, if requested.  (See also, Bodywork Specializations: Relational Somatics, Sports Massage)

Specific Modalities
A session using just one type of bodywork in it's pure form can also be extremely potent.  For example, a session of purely circulatory or sensory repatterning can be the most deeply relaxing.  To address problem areas, a full session of deep tissue sculpting or neuromuscular therapy might be most helpful in relieving pain.  To address feelings of being stuck or chronic tensions, sensory repatterning may be the most beneficial.  Discuss your session goals with your therapist to help you get the most out of your session.

Circulatory Massage
Long flowing strokes promote relaxation and improve the circulation of blood and lymph through the whole body.  Oil or lotion is applied to the skin.  Circulatory massage can be invigorating (Swedish style) or slow and relaxing (Esalen style).

Deep Tissue Sculpting
Excellent for chronic pain and muscle tension, Deep Tissue Sculpting uses a series of deep compressions.  Pressure is slowly increased as the muscles and connective tissues relax and open up.  A Sculpting session focuses on one or two areas of the body and does not use oil or lotion.  Passive movement may also be blended with Deep Tissue Sculpting to promote further release.

Neuromuscular Therapy
This works helps to break the pain cycle by releasing trigger points within muscle tissue. This is done by applying concentrated pressure to irritated areas in the tissue.  Trigger points are knots of muscle tension that refer pain to other points of the body.   This therapy is often combined with circulatory massage to help calm and reset the nervous system.

Sensory Repatterning
A motion-based technique, Sensory Repatterning explores the natural movement of each individual through rhythmic rocking, cradling, and passive joint movement.  A joy to receive, Sensory Repatterning is deeply relaxing, meditative, and reminds us of our potential for movement. (See also Bodywork Specializations)

Table Thai®
Based on Traditional Thai Massage which takes place on a mat on the floor, Table Thai® is performed on a massage table. This makes receiving the work easy on the neck (a face cradle is used) and is seamless to integrate with other styles. Table Thai® includes rhythmic compressions, rocking, pulling and stretches which open the body and calm the mind. Similar to a passive form of yoga, this type of bodywork can be received while fully clothed (be sure clothes are easy to move in) and can be delightfully combined with Sensory Repatterning.